⛓️ A homage to data blobs and ultrasound money 🦇🔊

Why $BLOB?

$BLOB is a crucial part of Ethereum's plan to lower gas fees significantly on its L2s, like Arbitrum!
Thanks to EIP4844, L2 gas fess will be reduced by up to 100x 🤯
With this update, L2s will no longer need to post their transactions in the L1's calldata, rather, they will post it in the $BLOB space: a new block section, exclusively for data blobs 🚀
EIP4844 is expected to land with the Dencun upgrade, scheduled for late Q1 2024!
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The first blob coin on Arbitrum

📦 Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BLOB

❤️ 0 Taxes, 0 Team Allocation, 0 Presale, 0 BS


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Disclaimer: $BLOB is not affiliated with the Ethereum Foundation or the core developers in any way.